Taylor Shipping Solutions


We offer a range of possibilities when it comes to the transportation process itself. Whether you need air, ocean or land freight, brokers, couriers or warehousing, we are always there to take care of your every need.

Alongside our transportation solutions, we offer our clients a variety of services from operational support, where our team of highly skilled agents is always at your disposal, equipment support, a system capable of transporting any load, to billing support where our team can help you handle all the necessary paperwork.


Do you have any issues with managing your company’s shipments? 

Is this becoming an extra full-time job for which you just don’t have the time  or the energy?

Taylor Shipping Solutions can provide Brokerage, an important and valuable service to both motor carriers and shippers. We help shippers find reliable motor carriers that they (the shippers) might not have otherwise known about. No matter what you need, we have the solution.

Our Freight Brokers use industry tools and relationships to identify potential carriers and verify their safety and other qualifications. They follow up with all of our customers to ensure loads are moved as expected and manage any exception. Alongside their ability to handle high volumes of email and phone communication, they regularly verify the accuracy of freight billing, dispute discrepancies accordingly and follow up on service failures associated with carrier and take corrective measures. Monitor carrier movement from the shipper to the receiver to ensure the load is delivered on time and in the intended condition and dispatch load assignments and assist drivers with routing and misc. Questions. They are experts at negotiating shipping rates with third party carrier partners to assure the highest margin possible for hauling excess load capacity. We believe that our brokers foster growth in the brokerage business through their expert skills and professional work ethics.

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What is our main advantage?

Taylor Shipping Solutions has the capacity solutions you need. We provide transportation services from over the road to air freight. No job is too small or too big because we have the capacity to transport anything you need. Our highly skilled agents can help guide you through the entire process to ensure your freight is delivered safely and timely.

Who are our drivers?

Finding the right driver can be a challenging task. Our drivers are the best in the business and their records, certifications and professionalism prove it. All BCOs go through a 30 vetting process that ensures every driver meets the rigorous standards in order to be considered in the first place. Once accepted, all our drivers must process and maintain Hazmat certifications and driving records in accordance with customer set standards. 

What do we offer?

Box trucks and dedicated drivers located throughout the United States are another important part of managing your needs. With access to more than 58,000 truck capacity providers and a wide array of equipment, no one in the industry can match our service. What good is all the business in the world if you don’t have the trailer you need to move it? Let us provide you with the equipment you need in the agreed time and location. We are a one-stop shop when it comes to trailer types.

24/7 Support

Have you ever had trouble reaching one of the parties involved in the transportation process?


Did it take you hours just to find out the simplest of information just because no one is answering your calls?


Our dedicated team is available whenever you need them with 24/7 Customer Support! We are available for you to make sure you and your freight are taken care of. Our staff is always eager to help you find out how the process is going, where your load is or if there were any complications.


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Tracking and Tracing

We here at Taylor Shipping Solutions understand the urgency of shipments and the need to have updated tracking information. We have several solutions for our customers to make sure they have the most updated information.


We offer access to a customer base for you to have the tracking and tracking details at your fingertips. Our team is dedicated to providing the updates you need, when you need them.