Have you ever encountered a problem during your transportation process? Did it consume most of your valuable time? Worry no more!

Our Taylor Shipping Solutions teams are working hard in order to keep our clients satisfied.

We offer a range of possibilities when it comes to the transportation process itself. Whether you need air, ocean or land freight, brokers, couriers or warehousing, we are always there to take care of your every need. We can distribute every load, regardless of its weight and dimensions, considering we offer services for full truckloads as well as less than truckloads.

Alongside our transportation solutions, we offer our clients a variety of services from operational support, where our team of highly skilled agents is always at your disposal, equipment support, a system capable of transporting any load, to billing support where our team can help you handle all the necessary paperwork.

Operational support

Do you have any issues with managing your company’s shipments? Is this becoming an extra full-time job for which you just don’t have the time or the energy?

To have a carrier you arranged, speak to your customer in hopes of low billing you or getting the shipment directly is frustrating. Hopefully, the customer is a sophisticated one and knows that having you as a middle man between the trucks and them is the best way to do it overall, rather than trying to save a penny and losing productiveness by dealing with the driver personally.

Luckily now you don’t have to worry about having to switch between companies that are able to provide you with the solutions you need. Our team of highly skilled and strongly motivated Freight Agents is here to support you by providing the equipment and certifications you need to get any shipment managed properly. Their dedication and professionalism ensure that the entire shipping process runs smoothly. Commitment to the work they do alongside their connections and relationships with our drivers have proven to be the key to our success.

Equipment Support

What is our main advantage?

We offer one of the largest trucking fleets with the most qualified drivers in the business.

Getting the job done at a suitable price, means having the best equipment in the right location. In order to accomplish this, you need a company that has the size and ability to deliver when and where you need it. Taylor Shipping Solutions, as an independent agent for Landstar Agency AUS, can ensure precisely that. No matter what you need, we have the solution.

Who are our drivers?

Everyone knows that finding a driver is the easy part. However, finding the right driver can be a challenge. Our drivers are the best in the business and their records and their certifications and professionalism prove it. All Bussiness Capacity Owners go through a 30 vetting process ensuring that every driver meets the rigorous standards in order to even be considered. Once accepted our drivers must all process and maintain Hazmat certifications and driving records in accordance with customer set standards.

What do we offer?

Sometimes you need a more personal touch and that’s exactly what we offer. Box trucks and dedicated drivers located throughout the United States are another important part of managing your needs. With access to more than 58,000 truck capacity providers and a wide array of equipment, no one in the industry can match our service. What good is all the business in the world if you don’t have the trailer you need to move it? Sure you could try and find a hand full of carriers with the equipment you need but by the time you find them either they don’t have one available or it’s not in the right area. Let us provide you with the equipment you need on the agreed time and location. We are a one-stop shop when it comes to trailer types.

Billing support

While ensuring that the business you have secured is being fulfilled there are additional aspects that consume the majority of your time. We are referring to the time that instead of being spent procuring additional business is being spent on paperwork, billing, pickup, and delivery information, and the list goes on. How are you supposed to grow your book of business while doing the job of 10 people? The great news is that you don’t have to worry about this piece of the process. Our team of experts can manage your billing and make sure that all paperwork is covered properly and submitted on time.